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The Bar and Games Room

Otherwise known as The Frog and Pheasant, we have carefully designed a fun, English style pub for your enjoyment. On site, in one of the outbuildings, there is a room designed for fun and relaxation. The room has its own bar with refrigerator for you to stock with your favourite drinks and snacks. Before you arrive you can have a locally brewed keg of ale delivered for your enjoyment during your stay.

The bar has its own pool table, table football, dart borad along with wall mounted TV to enjoy sports, TV shows and there is an Xbox 360 Kinnect in order to have that all important dance off on your holidays.

B&B for Groups

Mount Sandford House offers an authentic country house style accommodation experience for your group.

We welcome you to Mount Sandford House!

Bed and Breakfast Devon

Bed and breakfast in Devon is rarely this enjoyable. Get your group together and wake up to the Mount Sandford House experience!

Devon Bed and Breakfast

Group accommodation in Devon

Come and stay with us! Group accommodation in Devonat our country house accommodation.

  • Group B&B
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Devon Group Getaway
  • Devon Accommodation

Company Retreats in Devon

Nestled in the Devon countryside, let us organise your company retreat here at Mound Sandford House.

For your best company retreat, ever!
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